- All features in live and installed modes;

- Virtual cameras for use with OBS-Studio, Wecamoid and any other streaming software;

- Pulseeffects with equalization and many other effects for the sounds that come out of the computer;

- Compatibility with Windows platform software;

- Thunderbird, email client to centralize your email accounts on your computer... and much more... and totally free!

Delinux was born out of the need for a free, complete, and easy to use operating system. Finding no distribution that could be used for education, publishing, multimedia production, data recovery and daily use; the need arose to create Delinux.

It took many days and hours to get the current version of Delinux. Some features of Delinux are:

Based on Debian, the most widely used and derived Linux distribution in the world.

Self updating. Because all the software contained in it is free. When the system updates, it updates all software installed on it.

Highly compatible with hardware. More compatibility will be added to the next version.

Powerful graphic editing and desktop publishing tools, audio and video editing, and educational software.

Multilingual. Comes with all the internationalization of Debian. It can be installed and used on a USB stick, without the need to install.